08/09 Days Approximate5 Days ApproximateMakkah 10/11 Days ApproximateMadina 08/09 Days Approximate
Khalidiya/Aziziya5 Days ApproximateMakkah 3 Days ApproximateMadina 4 Days Approximate
Note :
  • All Dates Mentioned Above Are Tentative Dates And All Prices Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Booking.​
  • There will be seprate arrangement in the same Hotel for Ladies and Gents at First Priority.
(11 June) Departure To Madina
(11 June) Check In Madina Hotel
(20 June) Check In Makkah Hotel
(02-08 July) Stay At Aziziya
(Day 1) [09 July] Start Of Hajj At Deluxe Mina Camp (Hajj Journey)
(Day 2) [10 July] Proceed To Arafat After Fajr Prayers Stay Continues In Arafat in VIP CAMPS And Proceed To Muzdalfah After Azan-E-Maghrib (No Tents Are Available In M
(Day 3) [11 July] Proceed To Mina After Fajr Continue With Hajj (1st Ramee - Arkan) /Jamarat & Qurbani
(Day 4) [12 July] Stay At Mina VIP CAMPS (2nd Ramee - Arkan) & Tawaf - E - Ziyara
(Day 5) [13 July] Stay At Mina VIP CAMPAS (3rd Ramee - Arkan) Hotel Rayyana Ajyad 4 star or, Similar or as per Muallim's Instructions
(13-15 July ) Check In Madinah Hotel From Haram 150 and Accommodation
15 July Check out from Madina Hotel and flight back From Medinah or Jeddha to Delhi With Direct flight Saudi Airline
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