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Khalidiya or AziziaHajjKhalidiya or aziziaMakkah Hotel 400-500MtrMadina Hotel
Note :
  • There will be seprate arrangement in the same Hotel for Ladies and Gents at First Priority
  • All Dates Mentioned Above are Tentative Dates and all Prices are Subject to Availability at the time of Booking
(04 July-2022) Departure To Jeddah
(04 July to 09 July) Check In Makkah Hotel (Khalidiya) or (Azizia) Accommodation (Room Shared 5 & 6)
(Day 1) [09 July] Start Of Hajj At Mina Camp (Hajj Journey)
(Day 2) [10 July] Proceed To Arafat After Fajr Prayers Stay Continues In Arafat And Proceed To Muzdalfah After Azan-E-Maghrib
(Day 3) [11 July] Proceed To Mina After Fajr Continue With Hajj (1st Ramee � Arkan) /Jamarat & Qurbani
(Day 4) [12 July] Stay At Mina (2nd Ramee - Arkan) & Tawaf - E - Ziyarah
(Day 5) [13 July] Stay At Mina (3rd Ramee - Arkan) Proceed To Makkah Hotel Accommodation After Asr As Per Muallim's Instructions
(13 to 18 July) Check In Makkah Hotel (Khalidiya or Azizia) From Haram 400/500 Mtr Accommodation (Room Shared 5 & 6)
(19 to 28 July) Check In Makkah hotel 400-500 Mtr (Room Shared 5 & 6)
(29 July to 6 June) Check In Madinah Hotel From Haram 150 and Accommodation
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